Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CLASS UPDATES Gage Academy of Art, Seattle.

Here are my regular Saturday morning portrait painting in oils students at work.
The class has been going well with everyone working (so far) on classroom and homework assignments in a limited palette, to understand some principles of drawing with the paint and refining an image in successive passes.

 Here are last weeks homework assignments.
They have progressed from planar studies of the head (the Sargent and Eakins copies shown here were one part of those assignments) to rendering shapes of color within the light mass.

They are a hard working group (it is a full capacity class) and we have been making rapid progress through the fundamentals.

Additionally, the Saturday pm class, Portrait Painting Studio, has been moving along well.
This image, by Steve Momi, is a head study done in preparation for the larger works to be executed in the class.
It is not an indirect approach (glazing a monochrome under-painting),  but, in order to better understand the convenience of working on a darker ground, students work with a severely limited palette at first.
The emphasis is, at first, on rendering form before expanding to a full palette.

Here's the pose, it is being held for the full 10 weeks by Tess and students have done charcoal head studies, compositional drawings, large scale (30x40) drawings in charcoal, small head studies in oils and are about to begin working on 30x40" canvases of the pose.
We are, due to cancellations, only in our 4th week!

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