Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UPDATES. Gage Academy of Art, Seattle.

Time flies and it's been too long since I've taken the time to write about what has been happening in the classrooms and studio.

This one was a real treat to get to teach.
The pose was 10 weeks long and students executed charcoal drawings, oil sketches and 1:1 contour drawings (which they transferred onto  their 30"x40" canvases).
Additionally they were working on a dark ground with set palettes in a slightly indirect way.
(Pictured above are model, Lessa Lamb and, L to R, artists Julie Hougham and Dorje Bellbrook)

Here are Aron Hart and Zooey England at work on their portraits of Lessa Lamb in week #6 (of 10).

My regular Portrait Painting in Oils (for beginners/all levels) which has met every Saturday morning for the past several years has also been going very well.

And there was an exhibition of the student's work in my Perspective for Painters class.
In this class, students deal with the problems that a painter is mainly concerned with when seeking to render or check their renderings by using traditional perspective systems, with an emphasis on tonal drawing.
The assignments explore and dissect historic works with an eye to incorporating the information acquired to create personal works from life.
The image above is an example of what students are doing by week #2 (one point perspective with an emphasis on atmospheric effects) and the image below is from week #3 (the interior of St Marks, Seattle. Also one point perspective with an emphasis on atmospheric effects).

Additionally my classes on Figure Painting in Oils and Drawing for Beginners have also been going quite well.

(Lessa Lamb posing)
This weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a three-day Portrait Sketch in Oils workshop at Gage Academy, here in Seattle.
It was a full capacity crowd and students executed rapid studies (with me shifting the light and the model changing position) every morning and longer poses every afternoon.
Day one was grisaille, day two was limited palette and day three was full palette. The models ranged greatly in age and coloration so there was a lot of emphasis on gradually expanding the palette.
I demonstrated at the outset of the session every morning and afternoon.
There will be many more classes and workshops of this sort in the next 6 months and I will try to write about them before, during and after.

Two hour grisaille study by workshop student Heidi Aubrey.