Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Gilbert Stuart's Palette
National Portrait Gallery
Smithsonian Institution

This Spring I will be conducting a week-long workshop on historic grounds and palette settings in the Aristides Classical Atelier here in Seattle.
I'm honored to have been asked to work with Juliette and her well trained atelier pupils for this fun intensive workshop.
We will be covering bolus earth grounds and techniques based on certain 17th century Neapolitan painters and also the grounds and palette settings of many of the leading portrait painters of the 18th c.
Juliette is a wonderful artist, scholar, educator and popular author and it will really be a lot of fun to work closely with her on this.
If you haven't seen her work, here is a link:
Juliette Aristides
Oil on Canvas
Juliette Aristides
Charcoal on Paper

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